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L’école de surf Agadir is intentionally written in french as it is aimed to serve the Moroccan local schools and institutions for local youth between 7 and 17.

Agadir surf school provides its activities with the values of our executives: respect for self, others and the environment, and sharing our passion.SEE OUR GRADUATES AND MEMBERSHIPS CALL US NOW: +212 693 073 587 SEND US AN EMAIL   

Surf School Agadir educational and personal development Commitment

The Surf Academy Agadir photo sessions

Among the physical and sports activities included in the school program, the Surf can be used as educational support to school teachers to achieve the objectives set for the Physical and Sports Education. It participates in behavioral learning (respect, mutual aid, solidarity, autonomy) and can register mainstreaming in other learning. The practice of Surfing, in the context of sport and physical education will help students integrate easily in educational childcare after school and participate in activities organized by our in Agadir surf school.

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The school of Surf Agadir, a success for eight years already and still continues

Share and discover our passion, see the pupils progress from beginner to experienced surfers is our motto. We invite parents.

The Founder OUTHAMOU Mohamed, member affiliate of the Moroccan Federation of Surf and Bodyboard has great technical skill he aquired during his various formations by FDRMSB and the International Surfing Association. The whole team of our surf school Agadir are experienced, they have trained hundreds of youth 7 to 17 years, including the children of tourists also come to incrire our courses during their stays. Our coach surfing adapt and meet the level and desires of our students in a very friendly atmosphere in full respect of the environment. Our motto is our educational objectives; sports and relational

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Learn to surf in Morroco, our educational objectives, and sports and relatrionnels

Surfing is not just an adventure. Through surfing, participants will develop confidence, forge a physical and athletic build relational bonds while enjoying nature.

Among the objectives of the Agadir surf school:

  • Enhancing personal skills of participants
  • Open to associations through new areas of intervention in social, cultural, and environmental
  • Place practitioners in learning and continuous improvement approach
  • Promoting listening skills in participants through the practice of Surf
  • Confronting participants to respect competition rules, hygiene and safety
  • Foster cooperation and solidarity among the members of our surf school in Agadir

The Agadir surf school is meant to be an extension of sport that can fit into the overall program of education institutes and schools Adagir. Our surf school is strong and wide experience of 8 years, and it represents the first initiative surf teaching for the benefit of local youth in the city of Agdir next to the hotel beach club.

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Our values ​​are safety, quality and épanuoissement

Team supervision of our surf school Agadir ensure compliance with the values ​​that are the focus of our organization, that respect has resulted in a close monitoring of behavior, training and actions of members and leaders.

Our values ​​revolve around four basic principles:

  • Enhancing personal skills of participants
  • security
  • Compliance with safety rules
  • Compliance with priority and rules of coexistence in the practice of Surf
  • Compliance with hygiene rules
  • Students equipped with colored lycra
  • Equipment (suit, leash, boards …) suitable and in good condition


  • The quality of our teaching and our services is assured through guaranteed a home, coaching, and outstanding teaching


  • Local suitable for public reception
  • Agadir surf school and its facilities are open all year
  • friendly welcome provided by a member of the Surf School in Agadir
  • Opening hours suited to public attendance information on weather ahead


  • The instructors and leaders of Agadir surf school works closely with the sports teachers of schools in a changing educational framework
  • Pupil monitor limited to 8 people in the surf school in Agadir
  • The monitors are listening members with personalized support when necessary
  • Education Recognition of different audiences and applications: initiation, development
  • Choosing the practice site adapted to the level of students and sea conditions
  • Respect for the educational progress of each member
  • individualized interventions and demonstrations offered by the instructors awareness to environmental protection


Learning surfing can not be reduced to the acquisition of technical gestures that allow drag and change the face of the waves. Learning to surf is also thrive, autonomous being, set goals and achieve them, excel, challenge themselves, to live and grow in a heterogeneous community. Thrive is also feeling good about yourself.

The sea and the sea are natural environments that bring a lot to the organization by actively participating in the evacuation of tensions accumulated during the year. Walking barefoot on the sand brings such relaxations and wellbeing. The bag and the surf waves for their part have a massaging effect on the body during the games in the waves.

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Our program content and management in Agadir surf lessons


Our objectives previously set and detailed above are translated into a coherent program, efficient and very playful. In our programs, capabilities and resources: moving and balance are developed to assess and control the practice of surfing, swimming and physical education in general.

The content surf sessions in Agadir

  • Discovery Club (coaching, members, location, operation), equipment and safety precautions.
  • Discovery of the middle of the practical elements: weather, tides, wind, waves.
  • Discovery gestures, postures and imbalances
  • Discovery of propulsion: ream
  • Reflection on the life situation: discussions and Returns

Program content and activities can be subject to change with the seasons and the weather.

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The role of the Federation training and legal framework

The federation operates in order to organize, develop and regulate the practice of a business and its associated disciplines. Since the affiliation of our surf school Agadir in the Moroccan Royal Federation of Surf and Bodyboard, we were able to demonstrate its considerable efforts to establish a coherent architecture training managers, educators and judges, and to constitute a relay training and information that implement federal policy for all favorierl’accès to surfing in Agadir and its greater region.

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