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Surf school Tamraght Morocco, the best surf school in Tamraght village, we provide surf lessons Agadir, gear, wetsuit, lunch pack, coach and lots of fun

Surf lessons only for all ages, no accommodation or others services only 12€/ PPP Hour

Surf school Tamraght Morocco, your own surf school in Tamraght village

  • Pick Up / Drop Off, transportation free of charge from your hotel
  • Complete Coaching Session with Morocco Surf Coast’s certified instructor
  • Surf Session food (sandwich by lunchtime, a fruit, and bottled water)
  • Surf equipment (board, wet-suit) During all your surfing session

Tamraght Morocco surf lessons pack includes transport, food and surf lessons:

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Check our prices for 1-day surf lessons including 2 hours of intensive coaching and keep the gear for the whole day.

1 Day 2 Hours Surf Coach Session
1 Guest24 €Full Price
2 Guests48 €Full Price
3 Guest72 €Full Price
Check our prices for 2-days surf lessons including 4 hours of solid coaching and keep the surf gear for the whole day.
2 Day 2 Hours each day Surf Coach Session
1 Guest48 €Full Price
2 Guests96 €Full Price
3 Guests144 €Full Price
Check our prices for 3-days surf lessons including 6 hours of complete coaching and keep the surf gear all day.
3 Day 2 Hours each day Surf Coach Session
1 Guest72 €Full Price
2 Guests144 €Full Price
3 Guests216 €Full Price

Surf school Tamraght Morocco, another surf school where we offer surf lessons. Our professional surf team coaches are licensed from the international surf association, and the Moroccan Surf Federation, this is what makes us a unique Morocco surf school. Our coaches taught a lot of surf beginners, they do their best to make your surf experience one you will never forget!
Surf Morrocco Coast Surf school taghazout morocco Surf Morocco Coast Surf school Agadir SMC-Surf-Morocco-Coast-coach-surf-room-food-package

Our team will be consistently with you through the first steps of surfing, our Surf school Tamraght Morocco made its unique method is to accompany you from basic surf theory on the sand through to practice beside you in the water. In these lessons, you can expect to learn about the safety in the water, the waves, paddling technique and of course the pop-up. By the end of your lesson we aim to have you riding your first wave – it’s a pleasant feeling and we will be there with our professional photography service.

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Surf Morocco Coast is omnipresent in three locations, Taghazout, Agadir and Tamraght Morocco, places where you can blossom to learn surfing. Surf school Tamraght Morocco hosts many spots that are sheltered from big swells, thus delivering small easy waves to progress in total safety without dangerous rips.

As a beginner or intermediate level surfer, you will be guided every day to the best and safest spot for your ability, for more advanced surfers, we normally have a group or two heading to the points and reefs, so just ask about this as well.

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For Surf lesson coach in Agadir and Anza, Taghazout, Tamraght, you are Invited to book your surfing class at least 2 hours in prior to your session start time, in order to make sure you will guarantee your class, if you want to surf others spots like or Even Tifnit, please advise us 24 hours in advance.

 Surf Morocco Coast is not only everything about  a surf school, we offer others services to blossom during your stay

Do you want to spend the whole day on the beach? Surfing Moroccan waves as much as possible? Then try something else, you have a plenty of options out there: Services, Entertainment, Surf & Culture.

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