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Surf camp entertainment program offers plenty of recreational activities to do in your surf holidays, fire camp, night parties, cooking workshop…

Most of our guest before booking their surf holidays are asking, “What is good to do in Morocco”? “What a surf camp entertainment will be like”? The answer is we have many cultural and recreational activities that we organize in house. Taking part of this activities, sharing conversation with local our local staff will make you embrace the Moroccan culture, night entertainment for example is one of the best things to do in Agadir.

Surf camp things to do in Taghazout parties and fire camp

When the night comes after the surf session and diner, we still have a lot to offer, chill out with lay back friends as a family After sun starts to set, your adventures can continue into the evening. We arrange plenty of parties under different theme to let you be carried away by the pleasures of Moroccan nights, always under the canopy of a thousand twinkling stars. There is a lot of things to do in Agadir, this city offers a fun small mix of newest and trendiest drinking and dancing places.

surf camp Things to do in Agadir surf english pub surf camp Things to do in taghazout fire camp surf camp Things to do in Agadir surf night party

We regularly take our guest to popular late-night attractions based in Agadir, a modern European city that offers a wide range of food and entertainment facilities such as Discos and Night Clubs, Bars, Pubs, and Restaurants. There are a lot of things to do in Agadir, the list is long and we arrange everything to make our guests discovery of Morocco an interesting one to memorize and share. We also make fire camp party in the beach by night if you ask about things to do in Taghazout and Tamraght. With our surf camp entertainment, you will never feel bored.

Surf camp things to do in Agadir food cooking classes at our surf camp

One of our successful surf camp entertainment programs we have is the cooking classes, this is one of the things to do in Tamraght with our chef. You will love how good the Moroccan food tastes, the aroma, spices; and you will be proud of taking part of a culinary workshop to learn fast how you can yourself prepare a nice Tajine when you will be back home for your family and friends. Moroccan cuisine is extremely exciting, appealing to look at, delicately spiced with subtle blends of flavors, full of fresh ingredients and delicious to eat. It has been described as ‘the perfumed soul of Moroccan culture’, a blend of Berber, African, Arabian and European influences. During this stimulating workshop at Dar Tassa you’ll have the opportunity to prepare your own 3-course meal in a professional kitchen workshop environment with the support of an experienced Moroccan chef and an interpreter.

Things to do inTaghazout surf cooking class and fun Things to do in Tamraght surf cooking class and fun What to do in morocco surf camp cooking class

Surf camp what to do in Morocco, enjoy Afro rhythm of Gnawa Music

Here another way but no less amusing that Surf Morocco Coast created to fully entertain You. You will not just see the show ,you will be a part of it, we will introduce you Gnawa Music step by step in a perfect funny way as one of things to do in Taghazout.

Join us for this rare opportunity to learn more about the trance-inducing mystical music of Morocco, this not a Music school rather a convivial gathering of good lay back people to enjoy a great time, feeling entertained and relax after consistent surf sessions. 

surf camp Things to do in taghazout gnawa surf camp Things to do in tamraght learn gnawa What to do in morocco surf camp gnawa class and fun

Direct from the heart of Morocco, not far from Essaouira, the birth place of the Gnawa Music, Bambala Med is here to take to his trance world, through good vibes, in a mystic dream playing basic instruments, the best is that you can also learn to play and contribute to the magical aura around you, this is by all means one of what to do in Morocco things if you love world music. You will be initiated to play The large heavy iron castanets known and a three-string lute known as a guimbri, you can also join with some percussion instrument as Jambi or Tam-Tam. 

Surf camp entertainment, Moroccan Henna Tatto for your sunny holidays

Staying in Morocco after having a nice suntan, enjoyable surf sessions, you won’t escape one of the iconic tradition in morocco, the most shared with visitors. Staying with Surf Morocco Coast will make you deeply emerged in the Moroccan culture, here is yet another aspect of the intriguing but pleasant traditions perpetuated here by women from centuries now in Morocco and north Africa.

surf camp Things to do in tamraght hanna tatto surf camp entertainment morocco henna Surf camp Things to do agadir henna tatto

Our surf camp entertainment team will be enchanted to be with you to receive small designs, skin decoration (tattoos) through the use of Moroccan Henna that is traditionally used for special occasions like holidays, but most popular of the traditions is when (the bride, her family, relatives and friends get together to celebrate the wedding to come few days before the ceremony. The Moroccan Henna Tatto is one the things to do in Tamraght that we arrange at request for our guests.

Pure Moroccan Henna is SAFE.  100% pure henna stains skin in some color between orange, red, burgundy, brown or coffee, it has been in use for thousands of years.  It’s one of the safest things you can put on your skin, and reactions are very unusual. We don’t propose Black Moroccan  Henna for it can cause allergies or serious skin injuries for some people.