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Surf Morocco coast takes great pride in offering an excellent and personalized service to create exclusive surf holidays to exceptional beautiful surf destinations like Taghazout, Tamraght or Agadir. Packages for all types of vacations are available through us. Whether you are looking for a group surf holidays , a surf adventure filled vacation, a relaxing yoga surf package in a comfortable villa, an errant adventurous surfer or a memorable family surf holidays, let Surf Morocco Coast make it happen.

Surf and Yoga in Morocco is what we do the best, our packages offer multiple choices to meet all your needs, find out how we excel: 

Surf Morocco coast takes great pride in offering an excellent and personalized service to create exclusive surf holidays to exceptional beautiful surf destinations like Taghazout, Tamraght or Agadir. Packages for all types of vacations are available through us. Whether you are looking for a group surf holidays , a surf adventure filled vacation, a relaxing yoga surf package in a comfortable villa, an errant adventurous surfer or a memorable family surf holidays, let Surf Morocco Coast make it happen.  

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By now, you might fancy a surfing holiday in Morocco but don’t know where to start? Don’t know where to go? Look no further, now you can lay on us, we will take the hassle out of your adventure, helping you with your: transport, accommodation, food, surf lessons, surf equipment, parties, cultural activities, documentation, and accurate information to ensure you make the most of your Moroccan surf holiday. You just have to come to join us and live the surfer lifestyle in a fully typical Moroccan environment, in a sunny beautiful weather.

Open year-round, we provide accommodation, experienced instructors, surfboards, wetsuits, and all the attention you can need. We are all here waiting for you, to come and have some good surf and fun with us at Surf Morocco Coast in Taghazout, Tamraght and Agadir, the best surf spots in North Africa.

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Here is an idea about your surfing typical day in Morocco

A professional surf coaches and guides will be with with each groups of no more than 8 guests per instructor. sometimes group are smaller than that 3 to 5. Your typical day at Surf Morocco Coast day looks something like this:

The surfing conditions is an important factor in choosing the surf spot of the day and activities, however, we try to satisfy everyone at our camp and build a strong communication:

07.30: Breakfast: traditional Moroccan breakfast made of local products, Amelou, Bio Honey, cereals and more.

08.45: After the breakfast your  instructor or guide will come to greet you, load the vehicle, lunch boxes, surf gear, then you will explore the best surfing area with the most favorable conditions according to level of participants.

12:30: Packed lunch at the beach.

13.00 – 17.00: Free surf session under the supervision and professional advises of our surf instructors, your  journey is completed, return to accommodation.

 18.00: optional yoga class, or any other recreational services or activities your subscribed for such as Yoga, Hamman, Massage, Riding, and more.

20.00: Dinner time, often in House in your accommodation venue, and one night out in a restaurant to chill out and party in the Agadir down town.

If you wish to stop surfing at midday for any reason like to do another activity, or just to relax in your accommoation, then we’ll arrange that for you immediately.

Please note: This is a typical day, however, some of the above may subject to change to ensure you get the most out of your time in the water, according to the weather and swell conditions.

Surf season

Our surf camp is open all year around, for groups, families with children and surfer girls, please advice us in advance submitting an email for an information inquiry, we always answer all request no more than 24 Hours. Each week our team look after our Guest and surfers but non surfers are also welcome to join us, we have a plenty of activities to propose, your schedule will be full of funny things to do.

Surf-Moroccco-Coast-Level-1 Surf-Morocco-Coast-level-intermediae Surf-Morocco-Coast-level-advanced

Surf Level, Whatever your surf level is, for surf, sun and fun, your place is here with us

Once you choose your package and while booking on our website, you will be asked to inform us about your surfing level, most of our guests are beginners.  Your surf level will allows us to plan your week of coaching to maximize your progress or make your initiation a real success. To do this, we use the level 1-4 system.

How to Judge my Surfing Level?

Join the following levels for the following reasons:

Level I

  • Never surfed or surfed a few times, but still need standing and balancing on a board
  • Able to catch the broken waves without assistance less than 70% of all attempts 

Level II

  • Able to catch and stand on broken waves more than 70% of all attempts.
  • Fairly comfortable with take offs, balancing and standing up on small waves
  • Having difficulties timing and take off on green waves most of the time
  • Unable to do basic turns and ride the waves face or trim

Level III

  • Able to catch green waves less than 70% of all attempts
  • Want to refine timing and take off, mid face, bottom turns and riding the waves face
  • Develop top / bottom turns to basic cut backs
  • Understand and control short board

Level IV

  • Comfortable with take offs, mid face & bottom turns, able to link maneuvers, do basic cut backs
  • Difficulties with late take offs & tightening maneuvers

This is also one the perks we keep here for at Surf Morocco Coast during all your stay. Moroccan Food is one of the best top ten cuisines in the world, it offers an interesting variety based on the ethnicity of the regions and the cultural influences on Morocco since centuries. It is typically a mix of Berber, Arabic, Mediterranean, and Andalusian cuisine.

Surf-Morocco-Coast-food-at -surf-camp Surf-Morocco-Coast-food-at -camp Added Photos old photo setting

Eating is one of the biggest pleasures after a surfing day or a trip. We offer you dinner prepared with the hands of our talented chef, our food is locally produced with the best quality, very nutritional.

In the food we serve as in your contact with our people and any other culture experience you may have, you will leave Morocco with one idea in mind: Morocco is ” a tree with its roots spreading deep in the heart of Africa, its trunk solidly set in the Arabo-Islamic world, and its branches reaching beyond Spain, Portugal and France to the heart of Europe“. 

Our prices policy

No service fee applies when buying at our website, no hidden cost, all our rates are inclusive and transparent, with Surf Morocco Coast you have the privilege

The price shown in each package is the best price available, it may vary according to your location and accommodation preferences, to see all rates, choose your package and villa option then click here.

Surf Morocco coast makes every effort to offer the lowest available prices on our packages compared to competition on the same package composition,products scale and service. Our prices are listed at exceptionally small mark ups, and we constantly ensure that we have the best prices possible along with a variety of packages from which to choose. There are absolutely no hidden fees or charges on any order that is placed with Surf Morocco Coast. The prices listed are the prices you will pay. There is no “service charge” or “commissions”.