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Taghazout Surf and Yoga Morocco retreat, an unparalleled atmosphere of serenity and tranquility at Surf Morocco Coast

Taghazout Surf and Yoga Morocco setting: Ocean, fabulous sunset and sunrise scenes, the ultimate Yoga retreat 


Taghazout Surf and yoga Morocco is another possibility we offer to our guests to enrich their surf vacation experience.  We strongly believe that the combination of yoga and surf is more than just another activity in the program, Yoga will help you refresh your body and mind, forget the stressful lifestyle.

We do offer to our guests two Yoga sessions in the day, one in the morning and a second one after the surf by the sunset time. The sunrise Yoga and surf session will prepare your body and senses for a full day of concentrated diverse activities. Preparing your muscles is very helpful to increase your strength and flexibility. The sunset yoga time will be dedicated to relaxing your body and releasing all the tensions after a hard day of surfing and will help your muscles recover faster to prevent injuries.

Surf camp morocco taghazout yoga surf package Morocco-surf-yoga tamraght morocco surf yoga


The spectacular view for your Yoga classes is stunningly beautiful facing the ocean and the Atlas Mountains.

Our Yoga space is run in the open air, so as you relax and lie back, this is even more enjoyable as we limit our Yoga classes to 12 people per session to guarantee a customized attention from our Yoga teacher for each of our guests.

Our Taghazout surf and Yoga instructors, Lilly, Sarah, and Ella have a wealth of experience and knowledge gained of teaching yoga all over the world.  Their style of yoga is not physically demanding as the sequential order of movements and breathing control in each session are designed to be flexible and easily adaptive.We aim to fulfill every practitioner’s expectations.

Fancy fun, energizing, layback holidays, surf camp and Yoga all in one place, Surf Morocco Coast is your destination

We strongly recommend the surf and Yoga combination, we have carefully integrated into our packages offer and made it one of the best of our services for a Taghazout surf and Yoga Morocco vacation. We even made the Yoga a possible service as a separate arrangement for those who prefer others packages that not include the Surf and Yoga.


We likewise offer the possibility for those who have Surf and Yoga to skip the Yoga classes if they would like and participate in others alternative activities or join a trip for free.

 Liliya, our professional Yoga and Surf coach, an extended experience of coaching and a hospitality professional

One could even compare the rhythm of the ocean with the rhythm of the body. Yoga complements surfing perfectly, learning how to breathe properly might be the biggest benefit surfers will get from practicing yoga. If one can control the breath, one can come closer to controlling the body and its balance for a good surfing ability.

Are yoga and Surf really for me? How flexible should I be?

A lot of people say: Can I do Yoga? I am just not a Yoga person, I am not flexible, I am going to fall down, everyone else is better than me.

You are not the only one asking this question! The answer is a resounding yes! One of the issues about Yoga is that people think of yoga only as exercise and try to do the most physically hard poses possible, one of the primary purposes of a yoga practice is relaxation.

Yoga will help you become more flexible, just as it helps those who are very flexible to develop strength or those who need it to develop balance and/or concentration. There are no prerequisites at all.

Yoga has positive effects on your body and mind. Now, check out the following benefits of yoga to contribute to enhance your surfing and make a commitment to getting started, Yoga helps you : have more energy, More strength, better respiration better posture, better balance, boosts your physical abilities, improves your mood, tones your body, and last but not least, it improves your outlook on life.